Hello and thank you for the support and interest.

    My story is a simple one, I love all things creative. I dabbled with oil painting, charcoal drawings, sewing and landscape design. Then I found my heart in glasswork. With it, the possibilities are endless. There is always a new boundary to push, a method to perfect and something beautiful to strive to create.


    I first began glasswork 8 years ago. Employed by  Glass Baker Inc  I worked on the production team for Chamilia Jewelry Company. I was  incredibly grateful for this opportunity, being that unlike many glass artists, I worked full time practicing and perfecting fine detailed glasswork, while in my spare time developing the skills required to create the pieces that, at that point, I could only dream about. In 2011 I started Uniquelywed, a business focusing on glass art for the wedding industry. I found that working with individual brides to create pieces that added to the most important days of their lives gave me immense joy, yet I still wanted to further my skill as an artist. Therefore in 2015 Liquid Sand was born.


   Liquid Sand allows me to create glass products in every genre I love. So thank you for your taking part in this journey with me, and lending support to a happy life.

                                                                                                                                         -Brit DesLonde

-Based in Destin, Florida