"Everflow" - Glass Waterfall Sculpture

"Everflow" - Glass Waterfall Sculpture


Watch a video of this scultpture here 


The magestic beauty of a waterfall frozen in time.  The shape, color, and detail in a gorgeous body of driftwood that was once a tree full of life, downed by nature, burried and weathered by waters and returned to life as natures work of art:  This 8'5" glass sculpture has captivated all onlookers with its beauty and extreme detail.  Cascading glass pouring into a seemingly frozen splash of hand crafted blown glass.  Crushed dichroic glass pooling into the driftwood crevases, as if diamonds, representing the crystaline growth of natures rock crystals.  Each and every drop is hand scultped and meticulously arranged to create a breathtaking captured moment in time. 


The final installation includes uplighting through the center of the driftwood as well as a few customized options for downlighting highlighting every part of the waterfall, splash and driftwood.

This piece took the better part of a year to create and is unbelievably detailed.